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The Investing Advantage Podcast

Mar 27, 2020

I had a fantastic conversation about building a content strategy for investors with Dr. Adam Gower, host of the Real Estate Crowd Funding Show, and author of Leaders Of the Crowd. When this episode was recorded, we were in the height of a worldwide Pandemic, so the focus was on the challenges of owning commercial property during this time, and communicating with your investors. Dr. Gower goes deep into how much to communicate, how to take one email and turn it into digital content, and how digital content has helped investors. 

4:15 How to communicate with both investors and customers during this time

12:15 How often should you contact your investors and tenants

14:00 How to use one investor question to kill two birds

32:00 The importance of content marketing, and right now is the best time to learn it

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